Yay! I tried a few neat tricks with this comic. Zippatone, and moving the color off to the side to give it that riso print effect and of course throwing the paper texture behind it. I really feel like I made something closer to what I see in my head with comics.


Possibly maybe

Little Bjork comic I did for wednesday comic day!

For some odd reason these lyrics were floating around in my head. I already had this piece drawn up but when it came to spicing it up, I didnt want to just add some free form mind dump. I kinda wanted this to be like a poster, but still have a comic feel. Mission accomplished? maybe. Possibly. I don't know but it was good to just mess around in photoshop and get something done.


Light show

First batch of new comics, Gonna post em here, my insta, facebook and patreon every wednesday. Some will be long form, some will be short little one pagers. I took a break from my last comic project back in mid April 2017 and since then hadn't done a single page. I was at a weird place to say the least. I was afraid to be bad at doing what I enjoyed doing, and I was coming off a pretty successful art show, so I figured, eh fuck this comic stuff for a bit, I'll just make some illustrations and do that. Probably to honest, but I was also not drawing comics for myself, only doing the small amount of work for hire stuff that would slide into my email.

I wanted to correct that this year and get back into the form. These are definitely going to be experimental, I'm trying to stretch my wings a bit, play around with panel layouts, screen tones and just go with what ever hits my head.

Check me out on insta at Skudsink, My patreon page.



Figure sketch dump

So i've been meaning to get back to a figure drawing class for a while now and I finally made it out to the weekly Philly sketch club. It was great even though I showed up mad late. totally missed the warm sesh, but i just whipped out my highlighters, took a huge deep breath and just started drawing. Here are some highlights.


How to beat yourself up and still get work done

I'm a pro at being negative and getting work done.

I dont know how I do it, but I do. There are times when I constantly want to give and tell myself I suck and really shouldn't be doing this.

testing, testing, 1, 2, 3. I guess this thing is working... So I decided to start a blog about...random thoughts I guess, maybe music? Short comics, I have no idea.

But I've been wanting to start a blog for years now and I finally said fuck it and pulled the trigger.

I guess i'll start with what I did this week. I finally started crossing days off my wall calendar. Everyday I work, I cross a day off and try to build up a chain and then try not to break it. I first heard of this idea from listening to a podcast about staying busy and apparently this is what Jerry Seinfield did in the early days of his career. He basically made him self write a joke a day, no matter if it was shitty or bad, he wrote a joke every day. I want to do that with comics, the only problem is, I also want to be a character designer, a back ground artist, write and draw my own comics, do a finished piece a day, work on perspective and work on studying anatomy!


That's a lot of shit and that's my biggest problem. It's never been a thing of like, Oh I don't feel inspired to draw today, or I don't want to write today, I just have extreme A.D.D and want to do fifty things in a day. Then when I don't get those things done in one day I have a break down and think I'm being lazy. Its a fucked up cycle. I do manage to get things done though, because you have to, otherwise you won't get closer to doing those awesome things you have inside your head.

So I guess I want to narrow my focus a bit.

On to more positive shit. I've been watching a lot of anime this week. I watched a couple episodes of Naruto, Gundam Wing, Durara, Mushi - Shi, Black Dynamite and Afro Samurai. It was really fun to just sit back and watch that stuff, though I didnt really get inspired enough to try and steal any ideas, I guess I just wanted to be a sponge, to see what series I'm going to drop and which I'm going to stick with. Sorry that this first post has no clear goal or motive or even reasoning.

I did manage to finish 4 pieces this week. Two personal 4 panel comics, and two pieces for clients.