How to beat yourself up and still get work done

I'm a pro at being negative and getting work done.

I dont know how I do it, but I do. There are times when I constantly want to give and tell myself I suck and really shouldn't be doing this.

testing, testing, 1, 2, 3. I guess this thing is working... So I decided to start a blog about...random thoughts I guess, maybe music? Short comics, I have no idea.

But I've been wanting to start a blog for years now and I finally said fuck it and pulled the trigger.

I guess i'll start with what I did this week. I finally started crossing days off my wall calendar. Everyday I work, I cross a day off and try to build up a chain and then try not to break it. I first heard of this idea from listening to a podcast about staying busy and apparently this is what Jerry Seinfield did in the early days of his career. He basically made him self write a joke a day, no matter if it was shitty or bad, he wrote a joke every day. I want to do that with comics, the only problem is, I also want to be a character designer, a back ground artist, write and draw my own comics, do a finished piece a day, work on perspective and work on studying anatomy!


That's a lot of shit and that's my biggest problem. It's never been a thing of like, Oh I don't feel inspired to draw today, or I don't want to write today, I just have extreme A.D.D and want to do fifty things in a day. Then when I don't get those things done in one day I have a break down and think I'm being lazy. Its a fucked up cycle. I do manage to get things done though, because you have to, otherwise you won't get closer to doing those awesome things you have inside your head.

So I guess I want to narrow my focus a bit.

On to more positive shit. I've been watching a lot of anime this week. I watched a couple episodes of Naruto, Gundam Wing, Durara, Mushi - Shi, Black Dynamite and Afro Samurai. It was really fun to just sit back and watch that stuff, though I didnt really get inspired enough to try and steal any ideas, I guess I just wanted to be a sponge, to see what series I'm going to drop and which I'm going to stick with. Sorry that this first post has no clear goal or motive or even reasoning.

I did manage to finish 4 pieces this week. Two personal 4 panel comics, and two pieces for clients.