Light show

First batch of new comics, Gonna post em here, my insta, facebook and patreon every wednesday. Some will be long form, some will be short little one pagers. I took a break from my last comic project back in mid April 2017 and since then hadn't done a single page. I was at a weird place to say the least. I was afraid to be bad at doing what I enjoyed doing, and I was coming off a pretty successful art show, so I figured, eh fuck this comic stuff for a bit, I'll just make some illustrations and do that. Probably to honest, but I was also not drawing comics for myself, only doing the small amount of work for hire stuff that would slide into my email.

I wanted to correct that this year and get back into the form. These are definitely going to be experimental, I'm trying to stretch my wings a bit, play around with panel layouts, screen tones and just go with what ever hits my head.

Check me out on insta at Skudsink, My patreon page.